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The real in-depth story that must be told to the world

The road to forgiveness and the myth of change projects

Teaser 1: Dos Hijos, Dos Padres, Dos Carteles / Two Sons, Two Fathers, Two Cartels. Directed by: Danny Holguin

Teaser 2 - The Myth of Change. Directed by: Danny Holguin

Teaser 2 - El Mito del Cambio, subtitulado al Español. Dirigido por: Danny Holguin

The Road to Forgiveness Project (Medellin and Cali cartels)

A historic meeting 25 years in the making, with the heirs of the two biggest rival drug cartels in history.

Between 1987 and 1993, Colombia experienced one of the most violent episodes in its history. The war between the Medellin and the Cali Cartels, the organizations that controlled drug production and trafficking in Colombia and abroad, arose from the division of international markets and the start of the armed confrontation against the Colombian government. For a long time, the members of these cartels worked together to achieve the industrialization and internationalization of the cocaine trafficking business. Control of the market in New York and the Cali Cartel's refusal to fund the war against the Colombian government, which would result in the abolition of the Extradition Treaty, were the main cause of the conflict between the cartels. With the aim to stop extradition, the Medellin Cartel led by Pablo Escobar started a terrorist offensive that included kidnapping of public figures and attacks against police officers, judges, politicians, journalists and the general public. In turn, the Cali Cartel bosses Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela used its money to bribe legal decisions and avoid extradition.

Time magazine wrote a special article on the Cali Cartel in the early 90's

According to a TIME cover feature from 1991, the organization was responsible for 70 per cent of the cocaine entering the US, and 90 per cent of the drug sold in Europe. “The cartel is the best and brightest of the modern underworld: professional, intelligent, efficient, imaginative and nearly impenetrable,” TIME said. Even before Escobar’s downfall, the Cali Cartel had surpassed his organization as the number one drug organization in Colombia. A New York Times report from 1991 quotes DEA head Robert C Bonner saying, “There is no question that the Cali Cartel is the predominant cocaine distribution organization in the world.” By the mid-1990s, the trafficking empire of the Cali Cartel was a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

Approach and Treatment:

Why does this story stand out from the rest in the mob film genre?

William Rodriguez Abadia is the eldest son of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, the co-founder of Colombia's Cali Cartel. Juan Pablo Escobar Henao is the son of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, the most famous Colombian drug trafficker in history. They both have similarities on how they were brought up in the underground world of the Colombian mob and the horrible war between their drug cartels. Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel declared a war against the Cali cartel. The difference between both cartels is that Escobar ruled with violence and destruction while the Rodriguez Orejuela's from the Cali Cartel, operated as means of business and power. William Rodriguez and Juan Pablo Escobar are now close friends. And they have differences as well. Juan Pablo was a sole victim of his father's shadow but never got involved in the family business. On the other hand, William was forced to hold the throne as the third man leading the Cali Cartel when both his father and uncle got incarcerated. This project's purpose is to present a television series of 3 episodes, each episode with a running time of one hour. The main concept is to unite the heirs of the two biggest drug cartel organizations in history, William and Juan Pablo, who in consequence, suffered as victims as well. Furthermore as a captivating objective, compensate their debt with society with means of social awareness designed to assist and educate victims of violence and educate future generations. Our main goal and proposal will not only include a television series but the idea of a 360 degree content in digital forms, that include social media outlets, live streaming and audio podcasts. The project is set up to be narrated in 3 stages that will take the spectator into a stimulating visual ride: Episode one, titled: 'The rise', will depict the rise of both cartels and illustrate details narrated by key players, never before seen on film or television. The second episode, titled 'The War', will narrate the war and fall of the cartels focusing on both William and Juan Pablo's personal experiences dealing with tragic events, incarceration in the case of William and the study of their spiritual growth and change. The first two episodes will conduct the viewers into a tense captivating cinematic build up onto the third and last episode titled: 'Road to forgiveness', in which both William and Juan Pablo will meet historically for the first time at El Paso, Texas, intentionally on the Mexican border, the area of the current drug trade problematic. An encounter almost 30 years in the making, Juan Pablo will be documented traveling from from his point of residence Argentina and William from Florida. As part of their legal restrictions, Juan Pablo is not allowed into the United States and William is not allowed to leave the United States. The project will be sponsored by the OMPP-WOFP - World Organization for Peace. Both men will be filmed in their place of residence as a preamble, as they prepare for their historic and important first time encounter. The narrative of the documentary series as in the fashion of cinematic documentary films, will be constructed intelligently in layers of fascinating narrative filmic material such as inner thoughts, memories of the cartel wars, personal life experiences and what in means to be able to meet face to face with each other for the first time. Again, the fundamental aspect of this once in a lifetime project is to portrait a world wide message of peace and educate current and future generations about the horrors of the drug trade. Juan Pablo and William's first encounter will propose a fascinating casual style conversation that will promise never before seen content.


William Rodriguez Abadia

Character / Lawyer, Writer and Ambassador for World Peace

William Rodriguez Abadia is the eldest son of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, the co-founder of Colombia's Cali Cartel, considered at one point as one of the biggest, and most infamous drug cartels in the world. William's childhood was normal, until his late teenage years, when he found out who his father and uncle, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, really were in the obscure world of drug trafficking. He studied law in Colombia, and specialized in Marketing and Business in Spain. He took over the operation when his father and uncle were incarcerated in the 90's. The Cali Cartel was directly responsible, in alliance with the Colombian government in the death hunt of drug lord Pablo Escobar, the sole leader of the Medellin Cartel and their major enemy. William handed himself in and cooperated with the United States government after being pointed out as the third man in charge of this criminal organization. Thanks to his assistance to the American authorities, William got his life back. Now, after having served several years in a federal prison, William lives a new life of spiritual growth and seeks a path of change. He is reminded every day of his physical, and emotional scars left by eight bullets from a close encounter with death. He currently resides in the United States with his family and has kept his real identity. He is the author of the book: I am the son of the Cali Cartel.

Juan Pablo Escobar

Character/ Writer and Lecturer

Son of Victoria Eugenia Henao and Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, the most famous Colombian drug trafficker in history. He is an Ambassador of Peace of the World Organization for Peace (OMPP) and an activist in favor of the recovery of human values through reconciliation and forgiveness. Additionally, he is a Colombian architect, industrial designer, filmmaker and audiovisual producer of documentaries and writer. In 1993, in which his father was hidden, as he was in search and capture by both the Colombian Government and the United States Government and the Los Pepes Criminal Group, he traveled with his family but they were returned upon arrival to the United States, running with the same luck in Germany. After the death of their father, they finally settled in Argentina, where they had several legal problems that they later managed to solve. For security reasons, and to remove the stigma of having Escobar's last name, their names were changed by the Colombian authorities before they left that country. Thus, Juan Pablo was renamed Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos, an identity that was recently revealed of his own free will. Since then he gives conferences around the world and works closely with governments and NGOs to create plans for the prevention of violence in youth and the design of public policies to reduce drug addiction in youth and adolescents. He has since met with some of his father's victims (Sins of My Father, the 2009 documentary).


Danny Holguin

Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Producer

Award-winning filmmaker and talented visual artist from Cartagena, Colombia with a special eye in storytelling for a positive cause. Danny has been involved in the media industry since he graduated in 2004 with a Media Arts Degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Danny has worked in well-known production companies in the USA and abroad. In 2013 he founded his production firm DHO Studios LLC with the vision of creating films closer to his heart. Danny is an avid motivational guest speaker to the Film Studies students at his Alma Mater, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and the Broward University. Danny also works as a judge for the annual Wide Screen Film and Music Video Festival. He has been portrayed in important press, radio, TV shows, frequently on CNN. His projects, being films or advertising work have been selected in important festivals around the globe and have garnished international awards.

William Rodriguez and Danny Holguin

Speaking regarding the project on CNN Latin America's program Camilo

Lili Lopez


Lili Lopez is the producer and production coordinator for DHO Studios LLC and Danny Holguin's right hand. Lili displays strength in getting the job done and going from point A to point Z with a charismatic and professional sense that excels from the rest. Lili has had experience on working in the early and late stages with award-winning documentaries such as Interrupted Destinies, La Boquilla, My Paradise and The awakening of the fairies in which she was one of the main characters in the film and in the project's poster image. Furthermore, Lili was the key member into securing the upcoming documentary The Myth of Change along with William Rodriguez and Danny Holguin's first promotional televised appearance on CNN.

Luis Eduardo Villamizar

Producer / Associate producer

Luis is fueled by a curiosity about people and a passion for authentic storytelling using multimedia. He has written, directed and produced various content including screenplays, music videos, commercials and films. He recently produced his first feature documentary, ‘Bikelantis’ about bicycle culture around the United States. His directorial debut, Prime Time, premiered at Filmed in Broward in August 2019. Based in South Florida, he’s currently writing and developing several film projects.

Alvaro H. Castro

Investigative journalist / Moderator

Alvaro H. Castro is an Emmy Award-Winning media professional with more than twenty five years of experience in radio, television and internet, both in The United States and South America. With Extensive experience in writing, editing, interviewing, field reporting and much more. Covered multiple events such as the 911 attacks, United Nations 50th anniversary and Pope John Paul II US visit. Responsible for creating and developing programming at a 24 hour cable station in New York city. Experienced US Line Producer and Executive Producer on news wheel at a US Spanish network. US correspondent for a national television newscast in Colombia for more than 12 years. Responsible for editorial content at a sports web page. Created and promoted a community program for a regional television station. Front line coverage of the volcanic explosions in the cities of Armero in 1986 and Pasto in 1989. Covered the assassination of Luis Carlos Galan, presidential candidate in 1989 as well as the election process in Bogota in 1990 and interviews with OEA's Secretary Cesar Gaviria, Andres Pastrana and Ernesto Samper.


World organization for peace:

The World Organization for Peace WOFP is a non-profit institution and its function will be to preserve human life on the planet and outside of it. The WOFP/OMPP will have as its key purpose a proposal of a ceasefire on the entire planet, and at the same time promote a peaceful dialogue within endless paths, in order to ensure a culture of lasting peace and contentment for all. The organization has focused on building a solid and all-encompassing foundation that can truly give way to the culture of lasting peace and contentment for all that we envision. Therefore, because of the serious social and institutional situation that Mexico and the United States is experiencing due to a conflict that has been instigated by drug trafficking, corruption and a concerning exaltation of crime through entertainment platforms, we have given ourselves the difficult task of trying to remedy this crisis in different countries by generating a different message. A message that shows the real consequences that stem from the glorification of crime and the unsustainable lifestyle that comes with it. We believe that it is instrumental to our mission to have people like William Rodriguez Abadia and Juan Pablo Escobar, sons of the founders of the Cali and Medellin Cartels, two of the largest drug trafficking organizations in history, tell us a real story of change and reconciliation through a life experience and testimony that directly contradicts this frightening trend, which glorifies crime and downplays the real damage that it causes, not only to society, but also to the ones we love the most. Due to their life-changing speech, we have considered it appropriate to give Mr. William Rodriguez Abadia and Mr. Juan Pablo Escobar the recognition of Peace Ambassadors. Given the situation of utter and absolute chaos in some cities on the Mexico and U.S. border due to drug trafficking, we are planning to unite these two men, who were once on opposite sides, in a city along the border in a macro event that will serve as an example that any conflict can be solved through peaceful dialogue and the absence of violence. The WOFP/OMPP, together with William and Juan Pablo as ambassadors, considers this as a message of PUBLIC INTEREST that can begin to show the world a unique message of peace and change.