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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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DHO Studios LLC is the film production company of award-winning filmmaker and visual artist Danny Holguin. The company has produced all types of audio visual content with special focus on storytelling with deep impact. Our projects have garnished important international awards and have travelled multiple film festivals around the globe, along with international press. 

DHO Studios LLC es la compañía de producción del premiado cineasta y artista visual Danny Holguin. La compañía ha producido todo tipo de contenido con un enfoque especial en ilustrar historias de impacto profundo. Nuestros proyectos han sido galardonados con importantes premios y han recorrido prestigiosos festivales de cine alrededor del planeta, ademas de prensa internacional. 


Danny and Juan Carlos directed and produced my first music video. I wanted to work with Danny for a long time, I had offers from other directors but Danny ended up being my best option. Danny and Juan are not only the best at what they do, to work with them it's just fun. Danny's creative vibe and professionalism is mixed with his humility and sense and humor that made me feel at ease and comfortable in front of cameras. The final product is just amazing, it clearly shows their great directing skills. I would definitely work with Danny and Juan in my up coming music videos.

Angela Paniza - Recording artist/composer | www.angelapaniza.com

I have been friends with and worked with Danny Holguin for many years in the entertainment business; His impeccable creative talent always produced high quality work in his video and film productions that have won awards worldwide. Mr. Holguin truly has perfected his craft as globally renowned filmmaker and talented illustrator over the years; Danny was extremely reliable, incredibly imaginative and exceptionally collaborative, when working with one of the artists I managed, having created videos of her live music performances. He was very resourceful and attentive to detail on every set. His most recent projects were filmed between the USA, Colombia, Germany and Switzerland. Danny Holguin brings magic to the table by staying true to every project he works on. Danny's ingenuity, high work ethic and brilliant artistic works will be an incredible asset to any company he works for and any festival or event his works are placed in!

Nicolete Fontaine - Media agent

Destinos Interrumpidos (Interrupted Destiny) is an amazing documentary film that would keep you glued to your seat till the end. I first saw this film at a film festival, where the powerful narrative of the film made the audience go "wow". Although there have been movies or TV shows about being switched at birth, they compare nothing to Destinos Interrupidos. The story unfolds in the beautiful, coastal town of Cartagena, Colombia where two kids are accidentally switched at birth by the hospital staff. The boy born to a well to do family is passed onto a family not so fortunate in life's luxuries. And the boy from the ordinary family is given to the rich family. Although, the families live only about 20 minutes apart, the two boys grow up without knowing the trick destiny played on them: until age 26 when they meet face to face for the first time. This documentary is a roller coaster of emotions, surprises, tears and lost moments and memories. The filmmakers have done a marvelous job in telling the story of the two families with sensitivity and objectivity without losing the powerful narrative that underlies this film. The documentary features superb cinematography, capturing the beauty of Cartagena and subtle nuances of the environments in which the two young men grow up. Combined that with flawless editing and perfect music, you'll find yourself watching this movie more than once! I highly recommend this film to anyone.

Tas Salini - Producer, Writer, Director, Professor of Media Arts

Whenever I need to partner up with fellow filmmakers, there is no doubt in my mind that Danny and Juan Carlos are the guys to call, they work with a great sense of professionalism from start to finish. Their creative input in pre-production, production and post, makes every job interesting and fun to work in. I admire how Danny has the ability to illustrate storyboards and then we all see the final image captured on Film.

Stephen Brevig - Cinematographer | "Premium Image Studios"

DHO Studios along with my company produced my first feature full length film, it was a lot of work, they worked with a sense of urgency and passion that captivated me since day one. I have known Danny Holguin for years. He has worked on my other projects as well. Danny has worked with me as a producer and a Director of Photography. Danny helped with storyboard illustration, coordinated all crew, locations, equipment, shot lists, actors and most other areas of the production. Danny also has a creative and unique method of filming. He takes ample time to set-up and shoot each scene. I would work with Danny again and welcome him to work on other projects with me.

Justin Routt - Director/Producer | "Birch Creek films"