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Director Statement

The EXPERIMENTAL SHORT film was created in 2010. Stephen Brevig, a good friend and an actor at that time and I, were discussing a few ideas as to what to create with a new steady cam that my business partner had purchased. We came up with the concept of a cool, stylish experimental short film, noir style or something close to that. I filmed the short on my old Canon XH-Ai using a wide angle lens, good lighting and the new steadycam that I operated. My business partner JC Echeverria edited the short. We did a screening in 2010 and then placed it on our website as part of our portfolio but did not do anything with it as far as festivals or commercial wise. As the years went by, a lot of friends, colleagues and random people that visited our website, mentioned that the short was great. They complemented the concept, shots, the way they are framed, the style and the suspense. As an artist, I have very harsh personal opinions as far as the acting amongst other technical aspects. However, I am quite satisfied with a few of the steady cam sequences in the art gallery scenes. We wanted to reference a sequence from the horror film “The Shining”. I was looking to mimic similarities such as the style in the suspense and the music from the classic horror film. At the end, we all understood that this short was just intended for a experiment amongst young passionate friends. We had a lot of fun producing it and this is what it is all about.

Danny Holguin

Stephen Brevig

About the main character:

Stephen Brevig is an award winning cinematographer born in Arlington, Virginia. He currently resides in Miami Florida. Stephen has worked in a myriad of projects, from feature films to ad campaigns and mostly on music videos: https://vimeo.com/stephenbrevig