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The Myth of Change – YouTube Teaser 2019

The Myth of Change – YouTube Teaser 2019

The real story of William Rodriguez Abadia, the eldest son of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, the co founder of Colombia’s Cali Cartel, considered at one point as one of the biggest, and most infamous drug cartels in the world. William’s childhood was normal, until his late teenage years, when he found out who his father and uncle, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, really were in the obscure world of drug trafficking. He studied law in Colombia, and specialized in Marketing and Business in Spain. He took over the operation when his father and uncle were incarcerated in the 90’s. The Cali Cartel was directly responsible, in alliance with the Colombian government in the death hunt of king pin drug lord Pablo Escobar, worldwide known leader of The Medellin Cartel, and their major enemy. William handed himself in and co operated with the United States government after being pointed out as the third man in charge of this criminal organization. Thanks to his assistance to the American authorities, William got his life back, and now, after having served several years in a state prison, William lives a new life of spiritual growth and seeks a path of change. He is reminded every day of his physical, and emotional scars left by eight bullets from a close encounter with death. He currently resides in the United States, along with his family, and has kept his real identity . He is the author of the book “I am the son of the Cali Cartel.” The film will explore the “myth of change”; are behavioral and spiritual changes real and possible?


July 6, 2019


Film, Video